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Bristol Event Catering, Terms & Conditions


Bristol Event Catering Co.  - Standard Catering Contract


This Catering Contract is entered into between Bristol Event Catering (“Caterer”) and [CLIENT] (“Client”) (together, “Parties”) and sets forth the agreement between the Parties relating to catering services to be provided by the Caterer for Client for the event identified in this Contract.


1.  Event details

Client is hiring Caterer to provide food and beverages, and related services, for the following event or multiple events, this includes drop and go deliveries. (“Event”):





Event start time (for guests): [EVENT START TIME] (“Start Time”)

Event end time (for guests): [EVENT END TIME] (“End Time”)

Location:  [VENUE] (“Venue”)

Estimated number of guests: [GUEST COUNT ESTIMATE]

If the booking is planned for multiple days, list all dates:


Caterer and client to refer to email correspondence, between Caterer and Client for finer details of all parts of the booking.


2.  Menu to be served

The caterer will make every effort to provide the food and service outlined in the planning and in the menus agreed prior to the event/s.

The Caterer reserves the right to make small changes to the menu if key ingredients are unable to be sourced due to reasons beyond the control of the Parties.

Whilst in the booking process it in important to understand that you are booking Bristol Event Catering Company as a caterer; we change our menus every year to keep up with the trends - popular dishes should remain the same and some will change -  however one thing to note, all future bookings will need to choose from the menu of the year of their event.

Final details regarding the menu including specific dietary requirements to be confirmed with the Caterer 1 month prior to the event this time frame can change with written agreement between the caterer and the client.


3.  Coordination with venue

Caterer will need to have access to the Venue no later than 5 hours in advance of the Start Time for the Event, and 2.5 hours after the End Time for clean up.  Client will make all necessary arrangements, at client’s expense, to get this access arranged.


4.  Payment terms

In exchange for the services of the Caterer as specified in this Catering Contract, Client will pay to Caterer £[PER PERSON CHARGE] per person attending the event, but in no event less than the Guest Count provided by Client to Caterer one month in advance of the Event.  As of the signing of this Contract, the total amount is estimated to be £[ESTIMATED TOTAL COST] (“Estimated Total Cost”). A breakdown of all costs can be found in the quote and invoice sent by the caterer prior to the event/s.


A total estimate here makes sure both sides have in mind the approximate total value of the contract; that will be used later for cancellation fees.


Payment will be made to the Caterer as follows:

£500 deposit due on the date of signing this confirms the date/s of the event/s and 50% of the remaining balance of will be due six months in advance of the event. If the event/s are booked and confirmed with less than 6 months 50% will be due immediately and the remaining amount will be due 1 month prior to the event/s.

The exact amount due will be determined and provided from Client to Caterer in the quote/invoice.

For all weddings final payment is due 3 months prior to your wedding day.


5. Prices:

The caterer has the right to increase the cost of the booking before the final invoice is paid in the circumstance that production costs go up unexpectedly.


6.  Responsibilities for related costs

Client is solely responsible for all costs and/or deposits relating to use of the Venue, and for obtaining any necessary permissions, licensing, authorisations, or other requirement of Caterer providing services at the Venue.


7.  Insurance and indemnification

Caterer has, or will obtain, general liability insurance relating to Caterer’s services at the Event.  However, Client will indemnify and hold harmless Caterer for any damage, theft, or loss of Caterer’s property occurring at the event, caused by any of Client’s guests.


8.  Cancellation

If the Client needs to cancel the event, Client must provide written notice to Caterer along with any required cancellation fee described in this Catering Contract, to effect cancellation.

Client understands that upon entering into this Contract, Caterer is committing time and resources to this Event and thus cancellation would result in lost income and lost business opportunities in an amount hard to precisely calculate. The initial £500 deposit to secure your date is non-refundable.  Therefore, the following cancellation limitations will apply.  If Client requests cancellation of this Contract 90-720 days before the Event, Caterer shall be entitled to 50 percent of the Estimated Total Cost.  If Client requests cancellation 45-89 days before the Event, Caterer shall be entitled to 75% percent of the Estimated Total Costs.  If Client requests cancellation 31-44 days before the Event, Caterer shall be entitled to 90 percent.  After 30 days in advance of the Event, Caterer shall be entitled to 100 percent of the Estimated Total Cost.

The Client’s deposit will be credited against the cancellation fees owed.  Any balance will be payable upon the notice of cancellation.

Should  any money agreed to return to the client, we agree to do so on 6 month payment terms in order to protect the caterer cash flow during the current uncertainty in the markets.


9.  Legal compliance

Caterer will work in compliance with all applicable local health department rules and regulations relating to food preparation and food service.


10.  Assignment

This Contract cannot be assigned by either Party without the other’s written consent, with the exception set forth in paragraph 10, below.


11.  Limitation of remedies

If Caterer cannot fulfil its obligations under this Contract for reasons outside of its control, Caterer may locate and retain a replacement catering company at no additional cost to Client, or refund Client’s money in full. Caterer will not be responsible for any additional damages or compensation under these circumstances.


12.  Resolution of disputes

The Parties agree to not post any negative information about the other arising out of this Contract or Event on any online forum or website without providing advance written notice of the intended content thereof, and providing the other party with an opportunity to resolve any issues between the parties amicably. Any complaint shall be made promptly and in any event must be received in writing not more than 7 days from the event. If any refund is agreed the money will be returned to the client, on a six month payment schedule.


13.  Jurisdiction and Venue

This Contract will be interpreted according to the laws of the United Kingdom and any legal action must be filed in the England, United Kingdom.


14. Tasting

Tasting sessions for weddings or large events incur a fee of £100 which is payable 14 days in advance of the tasting date. This fee will be refunded to the client against the balance invoice should the booking be confirmed. If the event is not confirmed the fee will remain the Caterer's. The tasting session, as well as all images provided on our website, Instagram and any other online platform are for demonstration purposes only, actual event presentation of the dishes may vary.


15. Delivery

Any time or date stated by the Caterer for the delivery or removal of goods required in the provision of services is an estimate and shall not be an essential term of the contract. Should he access be restricted or additional time, personnel or facilities required, any additional costs will be passed on to the Client.


16. Force Majeure

No liability is accepted by the Caterer for failure of performance due to strike, lockout, hostilities or any other circumstances including acts of God, flood, drought, earthquake or other natural disaster. epidemic or pandemic inclusive of Covid-19; and terrorist attack, civil war, civil commotion or riots, war, threat of or preparation for war, armed conflict, imposition of sanctions, embargo, or breaking off of diplomatic relations. outside the control of the Caterer.

In the first instance, if the Client needs to postpone and rearrange the event, the Client will offer alternative dates at no cost to the Client, and the Caterer will ensure that these dates can be catered for. In the instance that these dates cannot be catered for due to the Caterer's availability a refund will be made in full - minus off any fees for tastings as stated above. If the Client needs to cancel the event, Client must provide written notice to Caterer along with any required cancellation fee described in this Catering Contract, to effect cancellation. Client understands that upon entering into this Contract, Caterer is committing time and resources to this Event and thus cancellation would result in lost income and lost business opportunities in an amount hard to precisely calculate.  Therefore, the cancellation policy limitations set forth in paragraph 7 will apply.


17.  Entire Agreement

This document along with its exhibits and attachments constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties.



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